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Medford Public Library

Medford, Oklahoma

Medford Public Library

123 S. Main

Medford, OK






Charlene Moss,


The Medford Public Library services Medford, Oklahoma as well as Grant County Oklahoma. With a collection over over 11,000 volumes, and an annual circulation of over 15,000, the library strives to meet the needs of patrons in the 21st Century.


Features of the library include a full service children's section;adult fiction and non-fiction; large print books; current and popular periodicals; audio materials including books on tape. Each year there is a children's summer reading program.


The library features six public computers and offers wi-fi internet access.

Library hours:


Monday - Thursday   10:30  -  5:30

Friday 8 - 3

Resources for college students:



Financial aid calculator







Library policies:


Reviewed and Revised Oct. 18, 2010




        The purpose of the Medford Public Library is to serve as a community resource by providing access to literature and technology that is educational, recreational, and entertaining.

        The Medford Public Library is committed to enriching the community by providing a safe environment where inquiring minds can gather to exchange thoughts and ideas toward continued enlightenment.

        The library values service, diligence, excellence, networking, technology, and academia.

        The library encourages constructive use of leisure time by providing a wide variety of materials and services for reading, viewing and listening.

        We provide a staff that is knowledgeable, courteous, friendly, helpful and sensitive to the needs of all the library users.




        The Medford Public Library strives to enrich and further develop the library as a recreational, cultural, and educational resource for the whole community.

        The development of the collection is based on demand, need, and available funding. The responsibility of library service, books and other library materials should be chosen for values of interest, information and enlightenment of all people of the community. The library provides books and other materials presenting all points of views concerning the problems and issues of our times. No library materials should be removed from the library because of censorship disapproval. The Medford Public Library supports the LIBRARY BILL OF RIGHTS as adopted by the American Library Association and also the FREEDOM TO READ statement as adopted by the American Library Association.

        The Library Director acts as an agent for the Medford Public Library Board as well as the City of Medford.




        Selection of materials and added technology at the Medford Public Library is based on demand as well as need and is the responsibility of the Library Director, who works under the authority of and the policies determined by the Medford Public Library Board and the City of Medford. We listen to our patrons’ requests as we feel our patrons are an important part of the selection process. Other high demand items include best sellers and active subject areas.

        A certain amount of the material added to the library collection is for the purpose of updating and further developing certain subject areas. The Director is constantly gathering information concerning the needs of library patrons. Information is collected by monitoring circulation statistics and interlibrary loan requests and patron input. Material added in this way is selected from reviews, available lists, vendor’s catalogs, online vendors, bibliographies and local experts.       

        We recognize that as a responsibility of library service, books and other library materials selected should be chosen for values of interest, information, and enlightenment of all people of the community. The library strives to provide books and other materials presenting all points of view concerning the problems and issues of our times.

        The above mentioned guidelines apply to our Easy Reader materials, our Juvenile materials which include both materials for children from 3rd through 6th grade as well as Young Adult materials for ages 12 through 18. We attempt to get materials that entice and encourage young and often reluctant readers, increasing their sense of enjoyment in reading. The Director also uses these guidelines when she does Story Hour each week for the Head Start children as well as when she reads to grades K-6 at the local schools. The Director also teaches grades 5 and 6 as well as high school level students how to use the dewey decimal system in the Medford Public Library as the Medford Public School’s library is based only on the lexile system.

        The adult book selection is also based on demand, need, information and funding. One thing we do not purchase is textbooks. The fiction collection is intended to meet the needs and interests of readers with widely differing tastes, interests, and reading levels. The selection of materials includes novels, light fiction from the past and present, biographies, psychological and historical novels, humor, mystery, suspense, westerns, science fiction, fantasy and so forth. Our selection policy requires the Director to purchase as many large print books as possible because of our large elderly clientele. However, most all adult patrons seem to enjoy the large print materials. The library selection policy does not include materials that are merely sensational, morbid, or erotic.

        Computer software will not be circulated but will be restricted to use within the library only.

        Periodicals are added mostly on the basis of demand as well as need. Some periodicals fill a void in the library’s collection of information so we consider periodicals an important part of our selection process.

        Local newspapers are an important source of information and news about the communities in Grant County. We have no funding for other newspapers. This selection policy does however include coverage of all of the Grant County Newspapers on microfilm back to 1893 and this collection is added to as funding allows.

        Some paperbacks are purchased as well as donated. The library does realize that some patrons will read only paperback material for various reasons – the most common of which is their weight. They are easy, especially for the elderly, to hold or are also easy to carry to appointments, etc. so the patron has something to read with them.

        Legal, medical, religious and other reference materials are purchased by the library. The Director generally acquires materials that would be of interest to the layman.

        The Oklahoma Shelf and our genealogical section are added to every year as funding is allowed. Our library serves patrons from all over the United States and these are some of the most important reference purchases that the library makes.


        The library regularly “weeds” the library collection. Materials that are no longer used, damaged, outdated, or duplicates are removed from circulation. Weeding should be thorough and consistent as well as ongoing at all times.




        Gifts to the Medford Public Library of money for the purchase of books or other materials, etc. are always gladly accepted. Some of these gifts or money are to be used expressly for a Memorial Fund for someone who has passed away. The wishes of the donor and any honoree will be observed if possible in the selection of these materials as long as they meet the criteria established in the MATERIALS SELECTION POLICY. We also honor the donor’s request for purchases such as clocks, benches, children’s furniture, shelving, etc. for the library. A bookplate indicating the donor and/or honoree will be placed in all donated books and material unless the donor requests that they wish to remain anonymous and a plaque will be placed in the library or on the item that is donated also unless the donor requests to remain anonymous.

        Donations of books and other materials are welcome with the following conditions:

1.Materials not deemed appropriate for the library’s collection will be added to the library’s used book or materials sale or will be donated to a charity. Also, books and materials that the Director deems will not circulate also falls into the above category. If the donor does not wish his or her donated material to be included in this sale, the material will be returned to the donor.

2. The library is not able to store extensive amounts of materials that are:

       A. unwanted by others, and/or

       B. Not suitable, for whatever reason, for the library’s circulating collection.




        Two week loan periods for all materials – even VHS and DVDs. The exceptions to this rule are:

  1.  Reference materials which are a 3 day limit or at the discretions of the Director.

  2. Books loaned to school classes or other civic organizations and again these loans are at the discretion of the Director.

There is a one or two book limit on new materials unless authorized by the Director. New is designated by a 3 to 6 month period.

        All items may be renewed in person or by telephone unless there is a reserve list on the material.

        The Medford Public Library no longer issues Library Cards. The individuals are entered into our computer system and a patron has to give the Librarian his or her name. To be entered into the system, the library requires the patron’s name and address. The library also requires a home, work, and cell telephone number when available. We offer our services free of charge to anyone in Grant County. At the discretion of the Director, patrons from out of county may receive free service also.





        The library charges five cents per day per item for overdue materials. Replacement costs will not exceed the price of the material for lost items.

        All copies except for copies from the microfilm reader/printer are 25 cents each. The copies from the reader/printer are $1.00 each. Copies for faxes going out are 50 cents per first page and 10 cents per page after that. We do not charge for the cover sheet. Charges for faxes coming in are also 50 cents for the first page and 10 cents per page after that.




        The Medford Public Library Board and the City of Medford reserves the right to cause to be ejected from the library premises and to refuse further admission to individuals who violate the rights of the staff or library patrons, or who create disorder on library premises in any of the following situations:

1. Any situation in which the actions of a person present imminent danger to the life or safety of others on library premises.

2. Any situation in which a person is observed in an attempt to steal library property or that of another library user or staff member, or to maliciously destroy library property or that of another user or library staff member.

3. Any situation in which a person willfully and purposefully disturbs the library staff or other library users or whose behavior is in any way disruptive to the legitimate use of the library facilities by others.

4. No skateboards, roller skates, etc. are allowed in the library.

5. No weapons (except for police officers) are allowed in the library. A weapon is defined as an instrument used to inflict bodily harm. Examples but not limited to guns, knives, etc.

6. Patrons must not present an odor nuisance.

        In addition, patrons must ask permission to use library telephones and calls are limited to requests for transportation, asking permission from parents or guardians to spend time in the library, emergencies, etc. Permission is granted at the discretion of the librarian.

        Patrons must take care of their own possessions. The library will not be responsible for patrons’ items.

        Parents or legal guardians, whether present in the library or not, are responsible for their children’s behavior at all times.

        Parents or legal guardians are also responsible for any damages to library property caused by their children, regardless of the child’s age.

        The library retains the right to search all personal bags or backpacks.

        Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to: smoking, sleeping, loitering, gambling, public intoxication, use of obscene language, possession of a controlled substance.

        In addition, no beverages or food are allowed in the library with the exception of library staff.

        Persons who violate these rules will be issued a warning and/or asked to leave the library premises at the discretion of the librarian.




        This service is offered to all valid patrons of the library who are in our computer system.

        To initiate a request, a patron must contact a librarian by phone, fax, email, or in person. Staff needs as much information as possible about the item to be requested, along with the patron’s name and telephone number.

        There is a $2.50 fee for each item ordered from interlibrary loan payable upon receipt.

        The library will request materials which are not available at the Medford Public Library. All formats may be requested such as books, audiovisual materials, government documents, photocopies, etc.

        Service will be provided as quickly as possible. The turnaround time also varies depending upon the lending library and the status of the materials requested. Items are usually received in 3 to 4 weeks but that can vary up to 6 weeks or more. Patrons will be notified by telephone when their item is ready to be picked up.

        The loan period and renewal options are determined by the owning library. The library will observe any conditions for use of loaned materials that are imposed by the lending library. The patron will be informed of this when they pick up the item they have requested.

        To renew an item, the person must contact the library at least 3 days prior to their due date. The staff will then attempt to renew the item and will inform the patron of the lending library’s decision.

        The Medford Public Library will lend materials to all libraries in the United States but will not lend to any libraries out of the country.

        All new materials will not be loaned until the materials have been in the Medford Public Library for at least 6 months.

        All reference material can be interlibrary loaned only at the Director’s discretion and will not be renewable.

        Libraries whose patrons lose or damage Medford Public Library’s materials lent on interlibrary loan will be billed the replacement cost and sometimes a processing fee.


Revised October 20, 2010

REVISED OCT. 20, 2010




        By using a public access computer workstation at the Medford Public Library you agree to the following guidelines:

1. The purpose of having the ability to access the internet in this facility is to provide additional resources for research, education, and informational purposes only. The public access computer is not to be used for unauthorized, illegal, unethical, or business purposes. Any money that changes hands is considered business purpose – whether it is purchasing, selling, ordering, etc. All use of credit cards is also prohibited on the internet. No personal information is to be provided on the internet using the public access computer. Violations of these rules will result in loss of computer privileges.

2. Because the use of the internet is a privilege not a right, patrons violating this policy will not be allowed to use the library’s computer workstation for a set period of time or complete cancellation of computer privileges. The library staff and Board of Directors will determine what is appropriate use, and their decision will be final.

3. The internet is an unregulated medium and offers access to material that is personally, professionally, and culturally enriching for people of all ages. It also can provide access to some materials and information that is offensive, incorrect, disturbing, false and illegal. The City of Medford, the library staff, and the Board of Directors are not responsible for any information found on the internet that may be incorrect, offensive, or disturbing to others.

4. Children under 18 years of age must have a permission slip signed by a parent or legal guardian in front of library staff before using the public access computer. Parental guidance and assistance to children using the internet or the software programs is strongly encouraged. The library cannot and does not substitute for the parent in fulfilling this responsibility. All permission forms must be signed in the library in front of library staff. No exceptions will be made!

5. Parents have four different choices of computer use for their children.

a. Permission to use the computer software only.

b. Permission to use the internet only when parent or legal guardian are present.

c. Permission to use the internet without parent or legal guardian present.

d. No permission to use the computer at all.

6. A user must sign in or sign out at the library circulation desk before using the public access computer. There is a limit of two patrons at one time on the computer unless there is prior permission from library staff.

7. When school is in session, a computer user will be limited to one hour maximum unless there is no one waiting to use the computer, then they may stay as long as they like. If several are waiting to use the computer the librarian has the right to set lower time limits. Public access computer may not be reserved – first come, first served policy.

8. The public access computer will be turned on and shut down by library staff only. Public computers will be shut down at closing time – no exceptions.

9. Personal email use will be allowed with certain restrictions. Patrons using email will follow all the restrictions previously mentioned in this policy as well as absolutely no chat rooms and no forwards. Attachments may be opened only with staff permission and must be for educational and research purposes only. Patrons will be held financially responsible for any damages to the computer caused by a virus. Violation of these restrictions guarantees suspension of computer privileges.

10. A patron may download internet information or save information from the software programs to a 3 ½” floppy disk provided the user purchases a blank disk from the library at a cost of $1.00. At no time will a user be permitted to use a disk that has been outside the library. The library staff will be glad to hold the disk for the patron until the next time they use the computer. However, if the disk leaves the library, a new disk must be purchased on the next visit. Violation of this rule guarantees suspension of computer privileges. The user will be held financially responsible for any damages and viruses introduced to the computer.

11. A computer user will be charged 25 cents  per sheet to print information from the computer. This price will be strictly enforced. Any exceptions to this price will be with prior approval of the library staff. The library will furnish the paper. No downloading or copying of copyright protected materials will be allowed. Also, no printing or downloading of offensive, illegal, or unethical materials as well as materials that may reasonably be construed as obscene. This will result in suspended computer privileges.

12. All users will respect the privacy of others by not misrepresenting oneself as another user. Users will not be allowed to attempt to modify or gain access to files, passwords, or data belonging to others. Users are not allowed to seek unauthorized access to any computer system or damaging or altering software components of any network or database. No user will send, receive, or display text or graphics which can be reasonably construed to be offensive.





1. My child has permission to use the computer SOFTWARE ONLY.


______________________________                ______________________________

Child’s Name                                        Parent or Guardian’s Signature



2. My child has permission to use the internet ONLY when parent or legal guardian is PRESENT.



_____________________________                ______________________________

Child’s Name                                        Parent or Guardian’s Signature



3. My child has permission to use the computer software and INTERNET WITHOUT a parent or legal guardian present.


_____________________________                ______________________________

Child’s Name                                        Parent or Guardian’s Signature






_____________________________                ______________________________

Child’s Name                                        Parent or Guardian’s Signature




______________________________                ______________________________

Staff Member (Witness)                                Today’s Date







The undersigned acknowledges that he/she has read, understands, and will abide by the policies of the Medford Public Library. The undersigned further agrees that the Medford Public Library, Library Staff and Board of Directors, or the City of Medford will not be responsible for any damages arising from the invasion of privacy of the user’s computer accounts, programs, or files.




Name _______________________________________________________________


Address _____________________________________________________________







        Work: _____________________________________


Date of Birth: _________________________________________________________





_________________________________        ______________________________

Patron Signature                                        Today’s Date




_________________________________        ______________________________

Staff Member (Witness)                                Today’s Date